tea in my hiking rucksack


This has not been the easiest of months. I’ve been very busy, and there’s not much time for anything except for the most essential daily functions.

I go to work and I read the paper and I try to be relatively nice to the people around me, but it’s not always easy. The last few weeks has included a lot of apologising for being a jerk. By me.

It’s been me. I’ve been a jerk.

Although I could blame the stress in my life, I’m not going to. I’m going to take responsibility and simply say that I’m frazzled.

What helps in the middle of a particularly overwhelming moment?

Tea, of course.

Normally, when I’m living in a stable environment, I’ve got a tea cabinet. However these days I’m living out of suitcases, so presently I’ve got a tea rucksack. It’s my hiking pack and the best use I had for it when I was packing was to cram in all the books and all the tea paraphernalia, as well as much of the tea that I’ve got, into the said hiking pack.

So, until further notice I’ve decided to make myself very mobile. On the run, if you will. Have no idea where I’ll be living next year…much less next month.

I’ll be ok. Don’t want to cause you and concern. Really.

No need for a photo of said rucksack. You know what one looks like. Imagine mine brimming to the surface with tea and tea-related stuff. It’s a rather practical way to transport one’s tea.

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8 thoughts on “tea in my hiking rucksack”

  1. lahikmajoe wrote:
    “It’s been me. I’ve been a jerk.”

    Can’t confirm this. When I met you at 5:06 pm(!) you had no problems bending down to caress my Ibizan hound so I didn’t even notice the heavy burden you were carrying on your back.

    lahikmajoe wrote:
    “What helps in the middle of a particularly overwhelming moment?
    Tea, of course.”

    Nonsense. Stroking a dog does! 🙂
    The benefits of enjoying tea are nuttin’ compared to the oxytocin flooding your vegetative system when stroking a dog… ;-)))

    If your mem’ry serves you well
    We were goin’ to meet again and wait
    So I’m going to unpack all my things
    And sit before it gets too late
    No man alive will come to you
    With another tale to tell
    But you know that we shall meet again
    If your mem’ry serves you well

    All the best
    R. & A.

    1. “Nonsense. Stroking a dog does”

      You just had tea and attributed the effect to the wrong cause 😉

      However, having tea while stroking a dog…

  2. You’re not a jerk. You’ve got some things going on. That’s not jerky. That’s just life.

    As much as I overall dislike most of this, the idea of you with your tea-on-the-go station kind of tickles me. It’s like you’re prepared for any eventuality. I find it very bon vivanty.

  3. You know our kettle is always ready for you, just say the word. It’s nice seeing you write again – and knowing that tea is still part of your journey. Love to the pups too.

  4. Let’s not be too quick to tell Ken he’s wrong here. I mean, if the man says he’s been a jerk we should respect his opinion. After all, he once called me one, and I believed him.
    If he has friends who honestly believe that stroked a dog is better that a cup of tea, then he may have a point. Who here believes that a quick flea exchange with some inbred King Charles Spaniel with a brain the size of a pea is better than a nice Pai Mu Tan. Or that you can compare a sweet, malty Harmutty with risking a finger or two on the head of some Doberman whose only positive quality is that he is yet to attempt to rip a passerby’s face off?
    No-one, that’s who. No-one at all.

    1. Ain’t we all jerks when we don’t have our tea-shots?

      Drinking tea while living everywhere gives rise to new experiences and tea lessons. Will you be the new Baisao?

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