bah humbug…give me a white monkey

It’s almost Christmas, which means I should probably be writing a holiday-themed blogpost, but that’ll simply have to wait. This is NOT a holiday-themed blogpost.

I’m irritable and frustrated and don’t want much to do with either the holidays or humanity in general. So, how am I going to spend the next little while?
< With a bit of White Monkey tea that I got from Claus Kröger in Hamburg. Why?

Because I’m assuming that monkeys enjoy themselves even when the going gets rough. And I’m curious why there are so many monkey-related things when it comes to tea.

Oolong-picking monkeys have already played a very central role on this blog when Lisa Galaviz went to the Galleria in hopes of setting the monkeys at the tea shop free. Here’s Don’t tell her it’s not tea for your reading pleasure.

And here’s Lisa’s update on the topic in How can they still be out of monkeys?

Just rereading her gem of a blogpost and even a few moments of mine have put me in a bit better mood. Maybe this tea lark isn’t so bad, after all.

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  1. We all love your blog whether it is centered on tea or not. As @thedevotea put it in his latest post we like that your blog is different from any other tea blog. You turn tea into something personal, in that you write about your life and you drink tea. We all drink tea but we talk and think about many other things. If you love something you can’t always talk about how great it is. We get that. We know it’s great. Now we like just hearing more about you, one of our favorite tea drinkers.

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