tea with lemon and catching up with a good friend

First Annual International Tea Trade Convention summer 2011

Xavier and I haven’t known one another for such a long time, but we’re fast friends. Not sure where that term comes from, but I don’t know of any faster friends.

We met last year in the summer when he came to Munich for the First Annual Tea Trade Convention, and I saw him at New Year’s when he and Sabine came to Nice at the same time my wife and I were there.

I’ve documented all of this here on my teablog, but I thought I’d give you a quick synopsis of our backstory. Xavier and I have spent much of our time together either drinking or talking about tea. He’s one of the many tea people I’ve found as a result of teablogging, and he quite possibly might be the most important.


He’s just some French dude, right? Not exactly. He’s one of the best teabloggers I know, because he does a niche thing that no-one does quite the way he does.

Xavier writes about tea and business. It’s intriguing what he writes about. Every single time I read one of his posts, I learn something I’d never even considered before. Every. Single. Time.

If you don’t know TeaConomics, you should.

What’d we drink when we met yesterday? Here:

I’ll write about the tea another time, but I can tell you that it’s going to be available soon. If you like the things that they do over at the Le Palais des Thés, you’re going to love what I have to tell you soon. It’s an entirely new line of tea blend. Four blends this year and then two more next year and two more the next.
That means that by 2014, you can get one of eight exceptional tea blends from Le Palais des Thés. I’ll review the four that’re coming out this year as soon as they’re available.
Xavier and I had le Citron yesterday, and we both liked it quite a lot. More on that soon.


tea gratitude

Gong Fu in motion

Had a fantastic weekend, and it had everything (and nothing) to do with tea. Treated myself to a tea session at Laifufu Teesalonon Saturday, and it put me in just the right frame of mind to savour the rest of that day and the next.

 Si Ji Chun Oolong leaves

Drank a delicious Si Ji Chun Oolong from Nanton, Taiwan.  The tea was relatively highly oxidised and since I normally go for Oolongs that’re only lightly oxidised, this was also a nice break from the ordinary (Here, to the left, were the leaves beforehand).

I was thrilled, as always, with Laifufu, which I found out means ‘Das Glück soll kommen‘ (luck/happiness is coming).

Like I say, this was the way I eased into a few both relaxing and productive days. Which if I’m forthright, is exactly why I love drinking tea. One of the many reasons.
I can get so much done while drinking tea, and it somehow calms me without interfering with my making progress.

Also I’m really enjoying the tea community and my little corner of it. I suppose I could assume it was understood how grateful I am to have found all of you tea bloggers and tea obsessives, as a result of this blog and The Association of Tea Bloggers and Tea Trade and Steepster and and and…

But Springtime is busting out all over, and I’ve decided now is as good a time as any to go all wobbly. I adore you folk, and my life has definitely benefitted from our acquaintance(s). Thanks for everything and here’s to much more of the same.

the very exhausted leaves after the fact

Drink tea if you’re man enough

The bar was really raised this weekend in my little community of tea bloggers. Not only was @lazy_literatus hard at work on a tea fantasy of epic proportions (The Legend of Lapsang), but @The_Devotea also wrote a very poignant post about the tea people with whom he cavorts virtually (Bridge Over the River Chai). It really was a treat to read them both.

Everyday, it seems more teablogs appear on the scene. Although there’s room for all of them, I’m always considering what might make this blog a bit different. These two compadres continue to do exactly that. Since reading the above-mentioned posts, I’ve been pondering how to add to the discussion. How to make this place just a bit more off-kilter.

The tea community that I’ve watched grow around me is really astounding. There are certainly tons of others I could talk about, but these gentlemen deserve special mention.

And the whole topic of tea manliess would’ve never been brought front and centre without the upstarts over at The Tea Blag .

Drink tea if you’re man enough.