bah humbug…give me a white monkey

It’s almost Christmas, which means I should probably be writing a holiday-themed blogpost, but that’ll simply have to wait. This is NOT a holiday-themed blogpost.

I’m irritable and frustrated and don’t want much to do with either the holidays or humanity in general. So, how am I going to spend the next little while?
< With a bit of White Monkey tea that I got from Claus Kröger in Hamburg. Why?

Because I’m assuming that monkeys enjoy themselves even when the going gets rough. And I’m curious why there are so many monkey-related things when it comes to tea.

Oolong-picking monkeys have already played a very central role on this blog when Lisa Galaviz went to the Galleria in hopes of setting the monkeys at the tea shop free. Here’s Don’t tell her it’s not tea for your reading pleasure.

And here’s Lisa’s update on the topic in How can they still be out of monkeys?

Just rereading her gem of a blogpost and even a few moments of mine have put me in a bit better mood. Maybe this tea lark isn’t so bad, after all.

brain is on holiday with the rest of me

Christmas tree in front of the Neues Rathaus in Munich

Don’t think I did any sort of Christmas post last year, and I’m not sure why. For one thing, they really celebrate Advent here in Germany right up until Christmas Eve. The tree typically doesn’t even go up until the 24th. Then you keep it up for the whole Twelve Days of Christmas. It’s how things are done.

What tea-related thing am I up to for these festive days? Well, for the most part my tea consumption carries on exactly as it always does. But I made a mince pie earlier and as it was nearly ready, I thought to myself, ‘Which tea would go well with this?

Then I remembered…the first Rooibus I was introduced to was during the holidays. I always associate these festive times with this Rooibus with caramel pieces. Actually, I like it so much on occasion that I often have a little package of it sitting waiting for me year-round.

It’s also one of those things I reach for when I have a sore throat and want to add a lot of honey to my mug. You don’t think I’m going to ruin a cup of genuine tea for that, do you? Absolutely not.

But here I am not remotely ill, nibbling on a piece of mince pie, and sipping away at this caramel-smelling concoction. I do like the taste of Rooibus. It is a nice change every once in a while.

I’ve been reading limitless articles and blogposts about the holidays, and to be perfectly frank, as nice as they all are, I just can’t bring myself to pile this one on top of them.

I was really touched by Geoff Norman‘s Tea Gift Gratitude, and I really racked my brain trying to think of some ideas to help Rachel Carter manage to review all of her tea samples. You can read about it in Vacation, Resting, Relaxing, Tea Drinking, Tea Reviewing, Need Your Ideas-Please, and if you have any thoughts on that, please let her know. It’s like my problem solving brain is on holiday with the rest of me.

Have just realised my mug of honey-soaked goodness has run dry. Before I go replenish my Rooibus, I’ll wish you all a safe and peaceful Yuletide.